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Nov 19, 2021 09:30 AM 1 Answers
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Hello Marty,

When selecting stocks while using the comparison charts, what time frames should we check, Quarterly, Semi-annual, annual, or all formats?

DDS vs ASO etc.


Stephen Rager


I am  sorry...but, not sure of the question on using comparison charts and time frames for selecting stocks.

When selecting a stock to buy I use Marketsmith to screen for fundamentals and technical traits. But, I ALWAYS use a weekly chart before making any buy or sell.

DDS and ASO are both in retail. But Dillard's is a department store and Academy Sports Outdoors is a retail-leisure company. I attach a three month comparison chart just to see how they perform. These are great charts to show which stock is leading in a certain industry group as they change quite often.


But, I would not use it to buy or sell a stock. I only use comparison charts in order to compare their performance over. given time frame.

If this does not answer your question accurately then please ask again. I enjoy discussing stocks, chart patterns, performance and all.



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Nov 20, 2021

Thank you, Marty, you did answer the question for the most part.  I'm not using it for selecting, I should have worded my question better.  It's more for comparing performance.  I've noticed above you used a 1-year comparison.  Are there times your comparisons are less than 1 year, such as semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly?


Thank you, Stephen

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