SI (Silvergate) Bank with crypto exposure

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Hi Marty,

Looking at you last comment on ETHE maybe bottoming. Can you please take a look at SI (silvergate) and what buying points would you be interested if buying reversals after some price/volume confirmation was your strategy. Thanks in advance.



SI This stock made a bottom at $56.15 on May 12. It is currently in a bottoming pattern as it has stopped going down, and now grinding higher.  But, it must trade through its moving averages to be clear. A rejection at moving averages is a red flag.

You can see the capitulation selling as it makes its lows. There is heavy selling on the days prior to May 12. We want to see more volume as it trades through its moving averages on its new uptrend.  It is not my style to try and pick a bottom. But, these trades can be really lucrative.



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Jun 08, 2022

Thank you very much! Amazing work!

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