sell rules vktx aqst

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i you just repeat the may 2023 rules   i didnt see the latest a weekend ago

btw you were a sleep preventive 🙂 last night in my trading acct has  vktx and aqst  i think upside is 50% on both of these.   puts are very expensive.   any thoughts  i hate event investing but thats the penthouse   options  are far away 25-30% away from strike  . options premiums i have been writing on both sides

Those two stock contain more risk than most.  They will both be announcing new data points soon. I believe they will both have announcements by the end of March. Therefore, I do not believe you need to look too far ahead with options. Maybe the April monthly? I do not like to get too far out as the decay just kills me.

I do like both of those stocks!

Good Luck!





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