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Anthony Leone
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How do members use the ready list and buy points ? Please explain.

The ready/watch list is posted every morning. I will highlight five stocks every evening and  five stocks every morning posting their charts and buy points.  The buy points do not need to be exact prices. But,  if we can buy near a proper buy point it usually eliminates most problems. Of course, I do not buy every stock on the ready/watch list as these are stocks ideas for members. A stock may be bought anywhere within 5% of a proper buy point.  For example, Novo-Nordisk (NVO) was on our ready list this morning with a $124.87 buy point. It opened above that buy point but well  within 5% which made it a viable stock to buy. That stock did not move much today and is still within 5% of the buy point. Which means it may be bought tomorrow as well.

Every morning I will post a market conditions and that is important to know the market environment  as 80%-90% of stocks will follow the index.

I hope this helps!



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