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Hi Marty,


I'm finding it tricky to know when to sell. It must be one of the hardest things in trading.

Where would your sell point be on RBLX? A break of prior day low?

I got in at 107.70. It seems to be up again pre-marekt!



You have a good entry price. I would set my stop-loss at yesterday's low of $116.55, and move the stop-loss up to today's low. This guarantees you a winning trade.

You may also just want to sell half  or 3/4 of your shares and let the rest run? It does not need to be all or nothing. On the daily chart, the stock is 20.3% above its 10ema and gapping higher this morning. A short-term pullback would be expected as traders take profits

If we look at the weekly chart we can see a breakout and follow through. There are no sell sign with this stock, and it is likely to trade higher. However, I am not one to be greedy and try to hold out for every last penny.

This stock/company is in an exciting new space and investors want to own a part of it. It would be a shame if you sold everything and did not take part of an epic run.  Personally, I held 125 shares and sold 75 yesterday, and comfortable that I missed out on added gains. But, I still have some skin in the game. Congratulations to you on a winning trade, and more importantly selecting a winning stock!

I hope this answers your question!

I forgot to attach the charts....I always refer to the weekly charts before making any decisions! I like the blue volume bars...




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