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Oct 24, 2021 03:15 PM 1 Answers
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Hi Marty, am new here. Can you pls tell me clarify the following:

  1. do u have a discord or private twitter, or send real time alerts? if yes, where
  2. i accessed your latest report. how often do u publish reports or give alerts on buy/sell - how do i sign up for alerts
  3. what is the time horizon of your trades




  1. I have a Twitter account @martychargin... it is not private
  2. I publish two reports daily. If there is something I see during the session then I will post during the session. I do not alert people to buy/sell stocks. I do publish buy points, and it is the individuals decision to buy a stock at a certain price point. The buying and selling of a stock is a personal decision. There are times when I notify the community that I have purchased a stock.
  3. The time horizon is mostly dependent on entry price and stock performance. I like to hold longer term, but often times my rules force me out for one reason or another.

I hope this answers your questions!




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Oct 26, 2021

thanks Marty. Do you issue a sell for stocks that were issued buy points ?

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