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Feb 05, 2023 01:26 PM 1 Answers
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Marty, just checking that I’m getting this right. Looks like leading stocks are the ones you currently own/want to own, while the watchlist is stocks that are either actionable (as labeled) or close to actionable.right?
you would think I’d know this by now, but I’m duhhhh

Yes! That is correct! 👍👍...The watch list is for stocks that are trading near a proper buy zone. The leading stocks are typically out of a base and advancing to higher prices, and I want to own the stocks going higher.

There are times when leading stocks set up in bases, or present and "add-on" buy point like CROX is doing right now with its three weeks tight pattern. The problem with CROX is earnings are scheduled for February 16, and it is dangerous to buy ahead of a new data point like that.  NVO presented us with a "gift" when it pulled back to its 50sma last week. But, we need to act quickly to catch these "add on" buy points.

There have been many stocks setting up in bases and that makes more bullish on this current rally. Embrace the pullbacks  during this uptrend, and see which stocks are being bought when they dip lower.




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Feb 05, 2023

Found my answer, so ignore above thanks.

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