how to be little aggressive?

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Hi, Marty:

You said you want to be little aggressive now, what do you buy now?

Really appreciate any advise.



I have increased my exposure from 50% invested to 80% invested. I typically like to own leading stocks in leading groups. Last week we had SCCO on our "ready" list and I added that stock. Recently CRWD NVDA NVO LLY CELH  GOOGL and more stocks have been on the ready list and trading near their buy points. It is important to buy stocks near their buy points. If you are below 50% invested I suggest you get more aggressive and take advantage of this current power trend.

If you do not want to own individual stocks then an ETF  (exchange traded funds) may be an area to deploy some funds. SMH is a good representative of the semiconductor group and it is a way to own NVDA without buying the stock. XLE is a solid oil and gas fund if you want to own oil and gas stocks.  There are many exchange traded funds to own, and it just depends on your preference.

I hope this helps.



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