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Aditya Kadrekar
Sep 17, 2023 11:23 PM 1 Answers
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Hi Marty, I am a new subscriber. I have a few questions.

1. Is there a guide I can look at on how to use this service? I had a look at the weekend report which was posted yesterday. How do I interpret 'the leading stocks' category mean? It states a lot of positions which were added on specific dates. Are you still holding on to all the stocks mentioned in this list? Can you please elaborate on the same?

2. Do you send email notifications for exact entry and exit positions? I could not find any exit positions in the last weekend's report. Where can I find all the previous entry and exit position?

Thanks for your help.

Best regards,


Dear Aditya,

Thank you for subscribing to this service. This service is designed for swing trading and not day trading or longer term portfolio building.  Of course, it is ideal that we hold stocks for more than a year for tax purposes. But, we need some help from  healthy market conditions in order to do that typically.

  1. The "leading stocks" is a list of stronger stocks trading above their moving averages. That list is updated every Saturday, and  I encourage everyone to review the stocks in their portfolio once per week. There is a video in the education center on how I rate my stocks every week.  The date provided is when they were added to the list. I do  not buy every stock on the list as I do not want to own more than 8-10 stocks at one time.
  2. I do provide precise buy points for each stock. Buying properly will solve most of our problems. I always sell a stock when I have incurred a 5% loss and/or it slices it moving averages. I do not tell people when to see their stocks as that is personal and subject to market conditions. When the market conditions are in an uptrend we can hold on for more gains. When the market condition are sideways to down then we must act more quickly. Typically, if a stocks breaks out from a buy point and moves 10% higher I encourage folks to trim 1/3 and another 1./3 at 20% and this allows us to hold a smaller position for longer term while taking profits along the way.

I do not send out e-mail alerts telling people when to buy a stock, and then when to sell that stock. I believe if you study and learn the patterns then you will know when to buy a specific stocks, and sell accordingly. This site is more about learning how to trade rather than spoon-feeding each trade.  I have found in this current market environment that people are buying properly and seeing some gains and they do not sell. Then we watch those gains turn into losses before selling. This makes it a frustrating market and one that we must act quickly. But, the market is always changing, and we must remain vigilant and never give up!

I hope this answers your question.



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Aditya Kadrekar
Sep 19, 2023

Hey Marty,

That does answer my questions. Thanks for the detailed answers.

Can you share your portfolio stats? Like the realized gains/loss in the past years.



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