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Hi Marty.  Can you please review GCT?  It's a strong buy on Seeking Alpha, recently added to Alpha Picks.  Thank you!!!

GCT I LIKE IT!!   This stock recently undercut its 50sma following its earnings report on March 15 where the company reported strong earnings on a Friday morning. Then on subsequent Monday morning (March 18) they held a conference call indicating they would have a short fall in free cash flow this quarter due to a client who may have difficulty paying. The market shoots first and asks questions later, and the stock sold off. It has recently rallied above its 50sma and looks really strong.

I like this stock and it has a buy point at $38.21. It can really move fast above that level. I would put it on the ready list if the markets were behaving better. It is definitely worth taking. asking at with a small position. The weekly chart shows a nice cup with handle pattern.


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