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Hi Marty, excellent video about "Buying high...". I see you are getting a lot of good questions and probably your time is tight but could you please make a similar educative video touching the gap buying strategy? We are getting into the earning season and perhaps we will encounter some gaps/opportunities in the next few days. Thanks a lot! Blessings to you and to all the members of OUR NEVER GIVE UP COMMUNITY!

Great Question! Thank you for the kind words!

"Buying High" is a William O'Neil strategy, and I kinda teased about the "double top" because every cup with handle pattern is a double top. We cannot be afraid to "buy high!"

I will create a video of the criteria I use for an "earnings gap" and that can be applied to a "news gap" as we saw with Tesla on Monday. AFRM had a news gap recently that worked out well for that stock.  I will get that video out today!




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Oct 26, 2021

hi Marty


Can you pls share the link of this "Buying high..." video stated by

gervasio1968. thanks. I must have missed it.
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