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Hi Marty, thank you very much for all your deep and straightforward answers.

Quick question: What do you think about BLNK and CHPT? I believe they are the electric car charging companies. I think mid-long term should be fine. ( probably short term also). Any other member in that group?

Thanks a lot and NEVER GIVE UP!. Gervasio


BLNK will benefit from the infrastructure bill that was signed by POTUS today. This administration is determined to have everyone buy an electric car by 2024😂 The stock was up 17% today and that is a big move that may need some digestion. It is trading near a buy point of $46.45. That company was experiencing good growth prior to the infrastructure bill. It is one way to play the transition to electric vehicles.CHPT this one is interesting as it traded above its 200sma today and also broke a downtrend. The close today coincides with  an early entry buy point of $26.68. The company claims to charge all electric vehicles. They also claim to provide a faster charge with more range. Both of these stocks should do well longer term as we make the transition to electric vehicles.

These types of "themes" are a great way to invest and have conviction. Tesla is obviously the leader of this revolution. However, many players will benefit from this theme, and already have.

We Never Give Up!



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