Confusion on what you call a base

Feb 17, 2023 10:46 AM 2 Answers
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Yo Marty, I learn so much from your service, besides your video commentary, it gets me looking at 30-40 charts a day, I think that’s the best way to learn. One thing is confusing me, for a long time, so it’s time to ask…..

what do you consider to be a base? As an example, in last nights report (Feb 16) the first chart is GFS, and you called it a base on base. I see a cup with handle, followed by another cup. If I look at the next chart, MNST, I definitely see a base.
Or if I look at the chart of XBI, I see a base from early November Thru end of December
)tried to paste but it didn’t work)

I run into this alot in your commentary, so I’m definitely missing something.

Sort of related, what do you feel most comfortable with, buying a breakout out of a base, or out of a cup with handle?


Great question as people have made fortunes buying stocks breaking out of a "base!"  There are many types of bases including my favorite which is the cup with handle base that started the 10 year run for CSCO back in October 1990.

It is great that you look at 30-40 charts daily as your eye will start to be trained on what to look for and you will know what to "pass" on quickly, and what to study further.

The "flat base" only takes five weeks of consolidation, with less than 15% depth n the base. Anything with consolidation can be considered a base. This stock has currently  formed a five week flat base pattern.You mentioned GFS and XBI and I will post a short video to answer those questions in greater detail.

I hope this answers your questions!




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Yeti Chart
Mar 17, 2023

Aside from standard bases, those IPO bases are tricky (GFS)

Thankfully we have Chargin, and the book 'The Lifecycle Trade". Helped me figure out what stage of an IPO I want to actually trade.

I've been waiting on GFS since it IPO'd. Story seems good. Price action tricky though:)

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Feb 17, 2023

Great stuff Marty thanks for the quick response. The video was especially instructive. I don’t spend a lot of time on weekly charts I guess I should do more of that, especially since I THINK I want to focus more on position trading.
Thanks again

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