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Hi Marty, thank you very much for your excellent weekend report. I have been trying to imitate your tactics/strategies in the last two months. I am very happy with the results. Not just because I am making money but more importantly because I am learning a lot. I would like to ask you. Could you please share with us in weekly or monthly basis the percentage that you keep in cash? I think a couple of weeks ago you mentioned 30 % ( I do not remember exactly). If we track that number that could be another risk indicator for us. Thanks a lot!  Gervasio


The cash position should be different for each investor. I am 64 years old and cannot afford to risk all my money. Therefore at 90% invested that is  9 full positions at roughly 10% or 10 positions at 9% is fully invested for me during this uptrend. In September when we had the correction I was down to 25% invested. I always have at least 10% cash.

If you are younger than 45 years of age then you should be fully invested during this power trend, and even on margin of you like risk.  If you suffer some losses you have 20 years of employment time to make up for those losses.

You can see on the Nasdaq chart these power trends to not last more than a few months, and we must take advantage of them when we can. A good trader/investor can make their year in a few months during a power trend. We are three weeks into this new power trend. I suspect it lasts another 3-6 weeks and takes us to year end.

I hope this answers your questions. If you are trying to imitate my tactics and strategies then you must have some AMD CROX RBLX NET....among others in your portfolio😂....

I hope this answers your question!



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Nov 20, 2021

Great question, great answer!

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