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Jim Buice
Jul 03, 2023 01:33 PM 1 Answers
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Hey Marty,

I am along for the ride on the 14-day trial and really like you as a person, with your good sense of humor and also being a baseball guy (I'm a huge fan of the Pirates), and of course, your style and knowledge in breaking down stocks.

I'm looking at doing some swing trades based on the info and my likes, but also want to establish some solid long positions to go along with NVDA and TSLA, which I bought years ago at great entry points. I really like SMCI and think, like you, that it could be a long-term winner. (Was close to buying last week around 220 before it shot up.) Any thoughts on a good range for an entry point and then I could dollar cost average eventually into a large position. Same question on PANW. Already own CRWD, but prefer the best of the best!

Also thinking about ELF and CELH – thanks to you.

Keep up the good work. Look forward to hearing from you.



Thank you for checking out the site on a 14 day trial. I hope you find something useful for you here.

I am a big baseball fan too, and the Pirates are putting together a decent season.

Long term (more than one year) is far different from swing trading.  As you know swing trading is usually three days to two weeks and we buy and sell and move on.

I would not be so concerned about an entry if I plan on holding a stock like NVDA or TSLA for more than one year. Of course we never want to chase a stock and buying closest to a proper entry point is ideal.  However, some stocks are not going to form bases and provide us easy entry points. Take a look at a stock like ELF which has not formed a base in a year.  The only time to buy that stock is a pullback to a moving average If you believe that a bull market just started, and artificial intelligence stocks will be a big beneficiary then is best to get started right away.  Currently, NVDA is at an add-on buy point as it formed a three weeks tight pattern. Buying at $425 may look like a bargain a year from now.

NVDA and TSLA are two of the leading stock in this market and I doubt the markets are going higher without them. The first thing I would do is figure out the size of my portion that I want to hold for longer term. If the size is 15%-20% then maybe start with a 5% position and add if the pullback. But, if they don't pull back then be ready to add 2%-3% increments  at higher prices.

The same goes for PANW! That stock does not move as quickly as TSLA or NVDA and it  just broke out of a base. But, if I wanted to hold that stock for long term I would buy 1/3 position and add accordingly.   Strong bull markets make it challenging to buy the leaders.

I created a short video with some of my thoughts on this topic.


I hope this answers your questions!



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Joseph$$$ Haluska$$$
Jul 06, 2023

Take notice that Marty made a 7 1/2 minute video to answer Jim's questions. Incredible!

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