Average hold times?

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Hi Marty, are these trades held for months at a time or are some weekly short term trading.

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It depends on the stock, and the stock market. I have held on to some stocks for more than 10 years. But, these growth stocks typically have a life of super growth from 12-24 months. We usually need the markets too cooperate in order to hold for longer periods.

When purchase any stock I have a 5% stop loss, and that gives me my exit price for a loss. I sell at a 5% loss with no questions asked. If the stock advances I can raise a stop-loss on it to ensure gains. If we use FTNT for an example it has never given us a sell sign. If we bought the breakout last December at $153.00 w just raise stops the entire ride. It never breached its 50sma, and did not give us any reason to sell. Recently it formed a base, and a place to add if you already own. That is a 10 month hold.

IF we use LSPD as an example and we bought the breakout (I like buying breakouts) at $100 on August 27, and raised stops as it quickly advanced to 130.02 on September 22. It is likely you would be stopped out as it made a new low on September 28. You got out around $115.00 for a 15% gain in less than a month. That is a more typical trade.

I do not day trade and try to ride trends. The markets have been choppy since September and challenging for trend traders, and that forces shorter time frames.

I believe we are on the cusp of starting a new power trend which will be more accommodating for trend traders. Therefore, if you bought stocks like FTNT TSLA NVDA AFRM and many others on the watch list recently, I believe we will be able to hold them for longer time frames.

I hope this answers your question.



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Oct 23, 2021
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