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Hi Marty,


Thanks for your service.

Can you give guidance on when to sell a winner? For example, I closed out NVDA for 20% gain today but I feel I might have left some profit on the table. My original plan was to sell below prior day low but with the huge gain today, I think it looks extended.

I am in AMD as well, just not sure when to take profit?

Great question!

Congratulations on the NVDA trade! That is what it is all about! A 20% gain is a fantastic return, and I bet you got that gain in less than a week?

You held two leaders and one is really extended (NVDA) and the other (AMD) just broke out of a base.

If you are swing trading then a 10% gain is typically the goal and anything more than that is gravy. be careful not to overstay as we may give some gains back.

If you bought AMD at the $122.49 buy point then you are already up more than 10% in a few short days. As a swing trader that is gold!  You take profits and move on to the next trade!

I hope this answers your question!



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