What Top Stocks do you Like for Investing?

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Marty- Hope you are doing well. I know this is mostly a trading website, but do you have any favorites you like for personal investing? Longer time horizon?

My personal retirement portfolio has a different philosophy in that I just buy the same dollar amount of the same stocks month after month and quarter after quarter.  I use the DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment Program) for this type of investing. It is never too early or too late to start investing  using the DRIP system and it is the only "free lunch" we get in the markets. The compounding is what really adds to your nest egg over time, and time in the market is important using this system.

The beauty to investing like this is we do not care about the stock price going higher or lower. In fact, the lower it goes the more shares of stock your dollars will purchase.  The one thing to watch for is if a company is in trouble and cuts their dividend. Then all bets are off as the reason for investing with that company has been terminated. Wells Fargo is. stock I owned and they cut their dividend and that forced me to move assets elsewhere.

The utilities and value stocks are favorites for dividend investors.  But, the top five stocks in my retirement portfolio are as follows:  IBM GIS RPM TGT  BMY. I have just recently started to add AAPL and MSFT to the retirement portfolio. But, their dividend yields are  small for my liking. However, I believe they will increase their yield over time. The mega cap technology stocks like GOOGL AMZN META have the resources to fund a healthy dividend yield in due time, and that is something I am watching and waiting for.

There are some monthly dividend paying stocks that I like as well. EPR MAIN LTC O STAG to name a few.  Most of them are REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts).  But, that is a different type of animal, and a topic for another time.

I hope this helps!





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