Time to get in?

Mar 18, 2022 04:24 PM 0 Answers
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Hi Marty,

I have been sitting on a lot of cash,is it time to start getting aggressive? I feel like i missed out these last two weeks.



Looking at DDOG and ABNB at the 200 DMA


YES! It is time to buy some stocks. There are many stocks setting up. The two you mention look good to me.

ABNB looks the stronger of the two as it has already rallied above its 50sma. DDOG This is a quality stock, and if the Nasdaq continues to rally this stock will punch through its 50sma and this will prove to be a good entry point.

I like to play both styles and bought two beat up stocks in SQ and UPST. But, there are many stocks setup in bases that will be on our watch list. I bought PANW as I like the space and the chart setup!

Have a great weekend! Look for that watch list tomorrow.



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