Thanks for the heads up on SYM!

Joseph Mogan
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Dear Marty,

I'm grateful for your premarket gap on earnings watchlist.  SYM went up over 40% from when you called our attention to it.  Unfortunately, I didn't check the watchlist until noon or so, and didn't have much reserves / courage to margin it.  I'm getting more monitors to track these gems now that I've got the hang of the timing (reports come out around 09:00 Eastern, right?)

Yes! The morning reports are posted 30 minutes prior to the market open. The is 9:00a.m.EST!

SYM That stock moved 50% with nearly 400% above average daily volume It gave back 9% today, and just formed an inside day candle. It looks great on the daily chart.

The 30 minute chart illustrates the move in a tighter time frame. We must expect some profit taking after a 50% move. But, I would still monitor that stock if I did not own (which I do not at the moment). This stock has only 12 million shares in its float and moves fast on just a little demand.

It is OK if you missed this stock. There will be plenty more. We just need to be patient and pick our spots. I believe we have another stock to monitor tomorrow in ELF which appears to be a possible 20% move or more with heavy volume.

Thank you for your feedback!




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