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Hi Marty!
I recently signed up for the service! I have a couple questions:

- Are the market leaders stocks which you have purchased and continue to track?        -Have you trimmed some of these as they have gone beyond the 10% mark you mention.

- If they trigger a 5% stop, does it stay on the leader list?

- do you purchase options at all or only shares?

Thank you for subscribing to the service!

The market leading stocks are stocks that have been identified as leaders in their groups. I do own some of them but, certainly not all. If they present a proper buy point I will certainly buy, and if the allow an opportunity like NVO did when it pulled back to its 50sma I will buy. But, typically I own no more than 10 stocks and currently there are 21 stock on our leaders list.  It would be like owning a growth stock mutual fund with 21 stocks in the portfolio.

Yes! I do trim some stock when they run 50% like CROX and ACLS. For one they become too large a percentage of the portfolio, and two it is always wise to take profits.

The stocks will remain on the leader list if they fall more than 5% below their proper buy point. I generally drop them when they slice their 50sma with volume. However, in 2022 I kept a few on the list even though they sold off down to their 200sma (VRTX)

I have one account (eTrade) where I trade options on level 3.  I usually look there for unusual option activity mostly in biotech stocks. Today I see CPRX has heavy call option at a strike price of $17.70 with a February 17 expiry. Also, the March 17 expiration with a strike price at  $20.00 call options have heavy action.

CROX also has plenty of interest in the  call action at $125.00 and $135.00 for the February 17 expiry.  More and more people are using options to trade their favorite stocks, and that skews the volume data.  That is another topic for another time😂

I hope this answers your questions!

Thanks again for subscribing and I hope you find this service helpful for your trading career.



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