PERI Fundamentals?

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Anyone have some good knowledge of the company?

I own some shares, but I'm trying to be choosy about owning just a few strong fundamentally CANSLIM style stocks in this environment.

Marty usually knows.

Sorry if its been mentioned already..

PERI We need to be extremely selective in this current market environment. This stock is in the commercial services advertising group, and in a slowing economy we can expect that area to slow down some. But, that being said, this stock is inexpensive, and has a really strong balance sheet.

This company is expected to earn $2.70 in EPS this year and with a price of $35 it is not expensive at all. Their sales growth rate is over 30%, and if it was to get a reasonable multiple it will trade higher. The stock is currently trading at two time sales.  The Trade Desk is a peer that is trading more than 10 times sales.  Technically, the stocks trending higher and finding support at its moving averages, and that is what we want to see.

If the stock market improves at all I can see PERI trading quite a bit higher, and fair value is above $50.00. I like this stock, and that is why it is on our leading stock list. But, we need to be careful in this environment as we have seen heavy selling in the markets recently.

I hope this answers your question.



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