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Hi Marty,

Thanks for the quick response to my previous question.

New sub and first day. Can you add context to the leaderboard and IPO list? Are these trades you are in or recommend? I like a few from both but not sure if those are \"always on\" or ones we can enter.


The IPO list are recent issues that intrigue me. Every monster stock started as an IPO. I have spent a great deal of time studying the behavior of IPOs over the years, and they can be quite tricky. Take a look at the weekly chart from CSCO in the early 199's as it traded below its 50sma often and would have shaken me out many times. But, it was one of the greatest winners from its era. We need to identify the winners and not be afraid to sell them when they are trading sickly and buy them back when they get well.

There were more than 500 IPO's come to market in 2021, and many of them did not perform well. But, there were 10 gems that I identified, and need to update those stocks. Thank you for the reminder😂👍 The IPO that doubles within the first 90 days of trading have a much better chance of being monster stocks.

ZIM is one of the top performing IPOs in 2021. It doubled within the first five weeks of trading, and caught my eye early on. That stock is still performing well. Although, it does drive some of us crazy with its pullbacks😂

The leaderboard usually contains stocks mainly from our conviction lists. My thought is if you do not do well trading the leaders it will be difficult to sustain success buying the laggards. But, we must be flexible as the markets change daily, and the list is updated every Saturday!

I hope this answers your questions!



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