NVDA 18month 6 beats, is it late stage now?

May 23, 2024 07:49 PM 0 Answers
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Hi, Marty:

According to William O'Neil book, NVDA is already 18 month up trending, 6 er beats, it is qualified late stage, also stock split.

Do you agree with it for current AI theme and NVDA situation?




Nvidia is a late stage base! It is the most unique stock I have ever seen as it is delivering triple digit sales/EPS growth with a 2.7 trillion market cap.  This stock will continue higher even if growth "slows" to 20% in the coming years.

William O'Neil did not like excessive stock splits and it is a caution sign. I would not allow that to dictate my position though.

I do believe in the AI theme, and that Nvidia is the king of the artificial intelligence revolution. NVDA is my largest holding even though I know it is like to form another base in the next few months.

Are you holding this stock and thinking of selling? Or are you interested in buying this stock? Our time frames and entry pianist are really important.



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