mental vs. hard stops

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Hi Marty,

As the rather 'unusual' shake-out of ACLS (and many other stocks) this morning didn't startle you, are you using mental stops rather than hard stops? An 18% intraday move is not nothing, right!

Or because of your entry around $80, you just trail your (hard) stop below the 50 SMA?



I am sorry for the late reply as I am not see the questions pop up on this site.

The comments from Elon Musk were just that; COMMENTS! The CEO of AEHR said the 75% reduction in silicon carbide will not impact their business. Those stocks were diving as their businesses remain intact. I just think of it as a stock on sale.

I use stops when I am traveling or away from my computer. But, if I am home and monitoring the markets, then I do not use stops. I know some folks here who got stopped out for a profit in ACLS and then bought back more shares at a lower price. I will sell most stocks if they slice their 50sma with volume. I believe the action on Thursday showed us the difference between ACLS and AEHR.

Many of the stocks on our leading stock list are smaller and can be pushed around, and that is one of the drawbacks to owning small cap stocks. We are trying to hit home runs and win two to ten times, and we cannot do that with the large liquid stocks. I do like having a few large cap stocks like TSLA and NVO as an option though.

Thank you for the question!



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