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hi Marty,

I am fan of youtube channel. I decided to take trial of your service. Do you provide live entries and exits or just ready list? I would prefer some more hand holding where I can get live entries and exits as I cant monitor the stocks continuously. Please advise.

I provide a ready list for every session. But, I am certainly not buying all of those stocks every day. For instance this morning I have 24 stocks on my ready/watch list and those are just ideas of stocks trading near proper buy areas. I am  not going to buy all of those stocks. That is a decision you need to make for  yourself.

Currently, many of the leading stocks are extended and that makes them more challenging to buy, and the best bet is to buy them on pullbacks.  We just had a two day pullback and that was a chance to buy a few leading stocks as they pulled back to moving averages. If you are asking about a specific stock then I can help you.




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