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Hi Marty,

Appreciate your insight.  Really like your service.   Wanted to see what your thoughts are on $IFF. Thinking on becoming a holder of the stock.  On a different note was wondering where did Lauren go on Twitter?  Was learning so much from her.

IFF This stock broke out of a stage one base on March 27.  It has run from $72 to $99 and is likely going to meet some resistance at the $100 level. Their business has been improving and the stock reflects the improvements. I would wait for a pullback before entering as the stock is 6.6% above its 21ema.

This is not a small stock with hyper growth like ELF. It has. a$25 billion market cap and struggling to find growth in its organic business. I will attach a few slides from their most recent earnings report presentation.

The  "Lauren" account on Twitter/X was a fraudulent account impersonating the wife of Atlanta Hawks GM Landry Fields. The person behind that account was obviously a savvy trader and had vast knowledge of trading/investing. It is really disturbing a person would go to those lengths.



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