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Hi, Marty:

What is your strategies to invest like ESTC/ IOT?  How to buy it? and how to hold it and how to force feed such kind  new stocks? they might be volatile to hold. If I buy it on gap up day, where to set up stop loss?

Like your IPO education video, could you please also give more details on how to handle IPO stocks?




IOT is the easier stock to enter right now as it is near a buy point as it is emerging from its IPO base. This stock is actionable up to $35.00.  I would buy a full (10%) position and sell if it drops 5% from entry. If the stock rises then use the low of today a stop. This type of entry will need to be monitored daily until you see some appreciation.

ESTC This is the stronger stock of the two you mentioned. It  is a much more challenging stock to enter as it is extended from its base. I would not enter a full position right now. If you want to take a swing at this stock then start with a 2% position, and add on pullbacks a long as the pullback is not more then 5% from your entry point.

I will explain this in the video below.


If this does not answer your question to your satisfaction. Then please ask again and I will cover it with a few other IPO gaps higher that I am monitoring.






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