How does this service work?

mark dutton
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Hello, I just signed up for your service! I am going through all of this right now and am a little confused at how to manage these. If you could just provide a little guidance that would be absolutely amazing as to specific buy points. Do you let us know when to buy by sending emails? Obviously we need to do our own personal due diligence too,

Thank you.

Thank you for doing this service! I hope it serves you well! This service is designed for swing trading.

There are stocks on the watch/ready list every day. Typically there will be between 10 and 20 stocks on the list. This is a list to  monitor for proper buy points and it is  NOT a "go out and buy list."  The most important aspect of being successful at this is the market conditions which is placed at the top of the page every morning. When the conditions are "green" it is a much better environment for us to be successful. Currently, the market conditions are "yellow" as we need to be cautious as the markets digest the gains from October 26 to March 21.

The markets direction and your stock selection are the two most important criteria for having success in the stock market. We want to buy quality stocks (stocks in uptrends) at a proper buy point (chasing usually leads to losses). If you have questions about specific stocks please ask at any time.



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