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  1. Are there any definitions of what is a leader is?  Example, is it buy market cap, earnings, or the percentage of increase.

I define a leader by performance, and industry group. A leading stock needs to be outperforming the index, and its peers in their group. Why buy the laggard of the group when you can buy the leaders? Leader can change (often do) within a group too.

  1. I see the sell rule is sell below the 50ma.   Is there a place on the site that defines the buy rules? Or, do I just learn over a period of time by watching the action.

We must sell at a loss of 5%, and cannot afford larger losses. Buying at proper buy points will alleviate 95% of problems. Most losses come from chasing stocks and buying above proper buy points. Every day I post stocks trading near their buy points.

  1. This correction should lead to a wonderful opportunity to build a new portfolio.  Do you recommend building a portfolio by buying a few leaders as a base, then trying to get a  position in an IPO or one of the other actionable items?

Yes! This correction will lead to wonderful opportunities. Building a portfolio is a personal thing and has many variables. The time frame is the most important construct. A person who is 25 years old will have a different time frame and mindset in regards to owning stocks than a 50 year old person. Also, the sector selection is important. Some folks (not me) just want to own technology stocks, and buy noting but software, technology and cloud stocks. That is why I say portfolio building is personal. You must know yourself, your time frames, and your stock preferences. The position size is another important factor in building a portfolio.

I always want to buy the leading stocks of leading groups. I know many folks do not like oil and gas stocks but DVN is a leading stock in a leading group, and it pays a nice dividend. AMD and NVDA are two leaders in the semiconductor space. They both traded down to their 200sma today. PANW and FTNT are leading stocks in the cybersecurity space. DXCM and TNDM are leading stocks in the diabetes space. It is a personal preference.

I would not be buying IPOs for a long-term portfolio. It took SNAP three and a half years to get back to its IPO price.

I hope this answers your questions.




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