Holding through Fed annoucement

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Hi Marty:

Really appreciate all your assistance as the market has turned and provided much more opportunity.  I am now hoping for some guidance in handling the upcoming Fed announcement. In some ways it feels like an earnings announcement. Do you see this as a take some off the table or a keep your foot on the gas situation?

That all depends on your positioning, and if you have large gains or small gains heading in to this decision on interest rates. If you have large gains then I would not be concerned. But, if you have small gains from recent buys, then it may be wise to pare some gains.  This  announcement from the federal reserve will cause the markets to fluctuate as it always does.

But, keep in mind that we are in a strong bull market and a pullback after the announcement on Wednesday is likely to be a big opportunity. Have a watch list of some stocks you want to buy, and when/if they fall to your entry price then that is a time to take advantage of that opportunity.

I know some folks who are 100% invested and have no dry powder as they want to take advantage of this power trend. They just plan on riding out all fluctuations due to the new data points. If you are only 50% invested then it is time to get busy and use the pullbacks to your advantage.

I hope this answers your questions.



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