Holding Stock into Earnings

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Hi, Marty,

No question, but I did want to tell you thank you.  Reading your reports and watching your videos saved me a ton of money this week. I was holding both UPST and COIN going into earnings and sold them both the day before earnings because I didn't have enough cushion in them!  Thank you for your timely teachings!


I appreciate your feedback, and happy to hear you were not hurt by the reaction to the UPST earnings report. I know a few others who were not so fortunate.The formula usually works for me, and the SNAP reaction to earnings was an exception, and not the rule.

It is so enticing to try and "play" an earnings report. But, it is essentially gambling, as we have no idea which way a stock will move based on new data.

We are in a power trend where the 21ema is above the 50sma, and do not want to sell stock during this time. But, if we do not have the proper cushion, then we must play by the rules and sell.

Thanks again for the feedback, and citing U (Unity Software) as that stock is strong after their earnings report.👍👍



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