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Yo Marty, does the “heat list” for swing trading and the list of solid IPOs just come on certain days? If so, when? I’m not much of a “holder,” per say, in this market and concentrating more on swing trading, typically with calls 30+ days out so theta doesn’t run me down. It’s working out rather well. Thanks!


Thank you for your question. This current market is not rewarding those who hold stocks for longer periods of time, and it has been forcing us to take profits.  It is. much better market for day/swing trading.

The "Heat List" and "IPO Stock of the Day" are posted Monday through Friday. The "Heat List" consists of stocks making new highs. Often times when a stock make s new high it will continue to make more new highs.  There have not been many IPO stocks in the past 15 months due to the market conditions.

Good luck trading options!



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