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Hi Marty!


This is my first day on the service and excited to get some of your commentary and thoughts on the market. Obviously, Growth stocks have taken a huge hit but seem to be reversing. I am now 100% cash and looking to get into growth names. What do you look for as re-entry? Do you have any growth names that you are long for the longer term?


Also curious on what you think about $ABNB, $U, $RBLX and $DOCN who have held their 200 DMA this week.

Welcome to our community!

I have a long-term portfolio that I will post every few weeks. The  long-term portfolio includes TSLA WM AAPL COST MSFT ABT HD SCHW GOOGL AMD

I believe the risk/reward is good on the stocks you mention as they have sold off for two months, and now we see some buyers and short-covering. You can take a swing at any one of those right now! Remember to use a 5% stop loss if buying today! They are likely to meet resistance at their moving averages, and we  need to see them power through their moving averages with conviction.

I created a short video of my thoughts on your stocks. The risk/reward is better now than two months ago!

I hope this answers your question!



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