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Hi Marty! What are your feelings about FUBO?


Great question!

I was debating on placing this stock on the watch list tonight as I really like it! The stock is seeing some good accumulation as it forms the right side of its base.  They are making news and signing contracts like crazy. It has a buy point at $35.09. The one problem I see is the overhead supply on the left side of that chart. But,  I would not let overhead supply get in the way of me buying a stock that I want to own. They report earnings on Tuesday, November 9.

If you do not have a cushion in the stock it would be gambling to hold it through earnings. If you do not own it then it would be best to wait until after earnings. If you want to roll the dice with earnings then please play real small. The response a stock may have to an earnings report are a  crapshoot.  Who knows though? It may be on our earnings gap list next week? The weekly charts illustrates the long consolidation period.I hope this answers your question.



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