Fed talks?

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What kind of adjustments (if any) do you make for an upcoming Fed talk (they meet Wednesday, I believe)

Got to the bottom of the email issue, Apple email apparently doesn’t like mcstockcharts. Switched to my gmail and it works.



Glad to hear you got the e-mail system figured out.👍👍

I do not make any adjustments due to anticipated news. Instead, I will wait until the markets react to the news (if they react at all).  The Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell, has done a good job of signaling to the market they will taper. It is the most telegraphed event since Halley's Comet!😂 Everyone knows they will taper, and it might be a welcomed event?

I would keep some cash available as the markets will pull back (at least for one day) and that will be an opportunity to "buy the dip" in this power trend.

I hope this answers your question and I also hope you are doing well.



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