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Hi Marty,

I am kind of a new subscriber to your service and I would appreciate if you could help me with exit points of the leading stocks.

In the homepage You have stated that:

  1. Members get exact entry and exit points in leading stocks.

I can find the entry points from your daily reports, but I am not able to find those exit points. Am I missing something here? This is something that woul be really useful for me because I am kind of Buy&Hold kind of guy and I have made pretty big losses because of not selling 🙁

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Thank you for subscribing to this service. I hope you find it helpful on your investing journey. I also want to thank you for  your question. We all need sell rules no matter what type of trader/investor we are. It also depends on you as a person. Your personality, time frames, and style of trading investing.

I sell a stock at a 5% loss with no questions asked. I do not want to incur large losses and small losses have kept me in the game.  The market is telling me I bought at the wrong time, and I must exit before suffering too much pain. I can always buy the stock back at lower prices.

If I am a day trading then I take profits at 1%-5%, and not looking for larger gains. As a swing trader, if my stock goes up 10% then I sell 1/3 and if it goes up 20% within a 3-4 week period then I sell another 1/3 and allow the last 1/3 to work. If I am a position trader or long term investor (it seems you like to hold longer term) then you buy right and sit tight.

It has been proven over the course of many years of study that the biggest gains come from holding winning stock for the long term. I know it is difficult to manage a position long term. But, that is a challenge we all face.

I created a short video to explain my sell rules!

Thank you for your interest!



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