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Hi Marty,

Thanks for all your help with your daily video posting and detailed note. Appreciate all your help for the retail community.

I am a new member recently joined MCStockcharts. How should i read the positions added date and its relevance. For eg: i see for ESTC - current price action is below the initial buy price. Did you already closed the position the moment it went below 50sma. Also how frequently the buy list is updated?

Second question - on daily basis you share the buy range for the potential stocks; are all those are actionable buys and shall we go ahead and buy those stocks or wait for you to buy the stocks and post it in webpage under previous buys and its specific date. For eg: you recently added CMG - is that means you have taken that position?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

warm regards,



I am sorry for the late reply! I am just seeing your questions right now!

The leading stock list is updated on Saturdays ESTC will be removed this weekend as it is trading below its 50sma. That is one of my basic rules of selling.

I do NOT own every one of the stocks on the leading stock list. I like to own between 6-10 stocks at any given time. I do NOT own CMG even though it is a leading stock.

I have a ready/watch list that I issue every day. This is NOT a go out and buy everything list. They are simply ideas of stock trading near buy points. You will find that if you buy properly it will solve many problems. But, there are no guarantees that if we buy near a proper buy point our stocks will trade higher.  I have IBM on the watch list and it is trading below the $197.00 buy point. I would not buy that stock until it trades at that level of the buy point. I like ot make the stocks prove worthy of my hard earned cash



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