Do you plan to post your positions daily?

Michael DiMascio
Aug 28, 2023 06:38 PM 0 Answers
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Hi Marty. The one thing I see that's missing in your service is a posting of your positions and your trades on a daily basis. Do you plan to share that with us, or do you have concerns about doing that? If that's not what your service is about, then a daily posting of your % invested would be useful as guidance tool for me.

Thanks! -Mike


Sure I can post my trading portfolio holdings on here.  Remember that I have two automatic sell rules, and the first one is sell at a 5% loss with no questions asked. The market is working against me and I cannot afford to argue with the market. The second is sell when a stock I own slices its 50 small with volume. There are times when I bend that rule and wait until the end of the week. But, it usually comes back to bite me.

As a swing trader, I typically do not trade on a daily basis. But, there are times when I am pushed out of a stock in one day like SMCI last week. I like to hold on to stock as long as possible, and especially proud when I can hold a stock for a year or longer as it has tax benefits.

Current trading Portfolio


NVDA      12%

CELH       11%

ELF          11%

VRT          10%

STRL         5%

PR             5%

I will likely become more invested if we have a follow through day today. I am never completely out of the markets.

I hope this answers your question!




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