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Hi Marty.

I am a little curious about adding COIN to my portfolio. What do you think of this ticker? What would be a good entry point?

Hope you are having a blessing sunday!!!



I think that is an excellent idea!  The problem here is they have earnings scheduled for Tuesday, November 9 after the markets close. We really don't want to take on all the risk of buying ahead of an earnings report.

I would wait until they report and see how the markets respond to the new data. The chart looks beautiful as we see accumulation on the right side of this base.

The stock has been going nearly vertical since October 4. It advanced from $224 to $340 in five weeks. That type of move makes me a bit nervous, and I would like to see some flattening out. But, the stock will do what it wants, and a new high would not surprise me.  The sales and earnings growth on this stock are phenomenal and I am confident COIN will be a big winner.Regards,


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