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Hi Marty,


Can you please take a look at KWEB,PDD,BABA? It seems like all the bad news possible (besides a Taiwan) has been priced and things are starting to improve. I would love to hear your opinion on those names.

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KWEB is an exchange traded fund which is designed to correspond to the China internet index. It is NOT a leveraged fund but still pretty volatile. KWEB has been in a long downtrend, and may be in the process of breaking its downtrend line with its move today above $27.84. The next major resistance for KWEB is the 200sma which is at $38 right now. $29 to $38 would be a good trade! Always use the 5% stop-loss from entry point!PDD Has definitely broken its downtrend line with volume. Fundamentally, it has shown slowing growth in the past few quarters with an uptick last quarter. It is worth taking a swing at this with a 5% stop loss if you like to pick a bottom. The next resistance area looks like its 200sma which is at the $65 level.BABA This one also appears to have broken its downtrend line with volume last Thursday. BABA has  shown slowing EPS growth and stabilizing sales growth. Like PDD this may be a good time to take a swing at this stock with a 5% stop-loss. If your style is trying to pick a bottom. The risk/reward is not bad here. Maybe it runs up to its 200sma which is the $128 level?

I hope this answers your question!



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