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Roger Lee
Mar 03, 2024 01:31 AM 0 Answers
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Where would I find a new stock that you indicate has been added to your portfolio on a given day (not the previous addons)

My current portfolio is as follows...

SMCI 13%

AMD 12%

NVDA 11%

NVO 11%

ELF  12%

LLY 6%

These are stock you will find on our leading stock list that I post every weekend. I encourage all members to rate your stocks every weekend and weed out the stocks that are not performing in this current market environment.

I have small positions of 2-4% in VKTX AQST TGTX IOVA as they are speculative biotech stocks.  I am roughly 75% invested at the current time. My equity curve for 2024 is attached. The last stock I bought was AQST, and I do not trade that often.


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