Buy/sell points for Inverse ETF’s

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What is your advice on buy/sell points for the inverse and/or leveraged ETF's like SQQQ, SARK?

SQQQ - The buy point is $52.87. SQQQ bounced off its 50sma on Thursday, and that was the buy opportunity. It gapped higher on Friday, and will gap up again today. As the QQQ's make new lows this ETF is likely to make new highs. The SQQQ is likely to trade above the $63.86 levels and that would be time to start taking profits. Remember this is a leveraged fund and if/when it starts to work against us it can be painful. These types of funds are good for hedging. The Nasdaq (QQQ)is the weaker index and this is the one hedge that I would put in place as it will outperform during selloffs.SARK  The buy point is $61.12. This exchange trade fund does not move as quickly as the three times leveraged SQQQ. But, it bounced off its 50sma last Thursday as well, and that was an opportunity. It also gapped higher on Friday and was up 6% while the SQQQ was up 10%. SARK will gap out of a buy area this morning, and if you are going to take a swing at this one then use a 5% stop-loss. I see the risk reward about 50/50. That is I give it a 50% chance at a 10% gain after today's gap, and a 50% chance of a 10% loss after the gap higher.  Those are much better odds than most stocks right now.Regards,


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