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how do you start a position without chasing AQST?  it's up huge each day? Should I wait for a GIFT just have to jump in now?  😂. thanks!  Marty, loved the weekend report ! ❤️ Love the education on what you look at!  Never Give Up!

We Never Give up!

AQST is a "story stock" and the story is going to take at least two years to unfold. This is a stock we can hopefully hold for more than one year and help us at tax time. I would just buy some now, and then add on pullbacks. There is no "free lunch" in the stock market but this one is close. I believe it can double from current levels, and achieve a $10 or more stock price.

The best thing to do is our own due diligence. Go to their website at and click on "investors." Scroll down to the Oppenheimer Conference from February 13 and the management team lays out a road map for their plans. I believe this is going to be a successful drug launch. But, it will take time for the entire story to unfold.

In this current market environment  it is going to be challenging to make new entries on stocks. But, if you want to own a specific stock then it is best to "scale in" as it does not appear the stronger stock will set up in bases.

I hope this helps!

AQST is a winner!




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