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William Swanson
May 28, 2024 08:36 PM 0 Answers
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Dear Marty,

You mentioned tonight that you have a gappers list. Where can I find that list? Also on your homepage it mentions an IPO list. Are those still available?

I posted an IPO  video in the education center. This is a "gappers List" from this quarters earnings season. Some are much better than others. This list is not up to the minute as I am on the road right now: TMDX LPX IESC SPB VITL BLBD ASPN APP BROS ELAN GEN KD ZETA MRVI OSCR NTRA SG TEVA TOST YETI ZIM QCOM LNTH ONON PSFE LMAT THC TREE VMI CVNA MNDY JANX NVAX DYN WIX DECK HIMS GPS ELF MRNA FSLR NXT FLNC BE MRUS DESP ALAR.




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