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Hey Marty,

Hope you get out and frustrated on the links like I do! How about the weak RS on AAPL, I I want to find a reason to own this baby.






AAPL has a weak RS line because it has not participated in the rally. That line is in comparison with how AAPL performs vs. all stocks in S&P 500.    We know many stocks in the S&P 500 have been advancing rapidly. AAPL had an earnings "miss" and the stock barely sold off. It is not my favorite setup as there has been quite a bit of selling recently. The risk/reward is pretty decent here.

The AAPL chart looks good while many growth stocks are extended. I would much rather buy a stock in a base than a stock that is extended. If the Nasdaq pulls back as expected the growth stocks  will see some profit taking. The folks buying growth stocks in the past few days may be shaken out?Golf can be frustrating if we allow it to be. My wife tells me that I should have taken up bowling as it is much harder to lose a bowling ball😂







this one.





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