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Hi Marty, watching your excellent video with the 4 main points. Regarding the 5 % loss selling rule, could you please make in the future a small video or writing with practical examples (stocks) about how to approach the rule from the positional/long term investor  point of view vs short term trading (swing)?

Thanks a lot for everything Marty. Lets try to find the new leaders and lets try to buy them near the bottom... By the way, in this sector/industry we like, I mean cybersecurity, I think PANW is looking stronger than FTNT...


Time is a critical construct in the stock market.  I will create a video using some of my long-term holdings, and swing trades that did not work out and sold at a 5% loss.

I agree that PANW is now the leader in the cybersecurity space since its most recent earnings report. It is trading at its 10ema.

FTNT had a long run and needs a breather. It is trading below its 50sma. Maybe it can rally above that key technical level.


Both of these stocks are on my watch list. I also have CRWD ZS on the watch list as you know I like this space.



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Sep 30, 2021

Thank you very much!

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