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How Marty Trades Bear Markets & What Marty's Looking For To Spot The Next Bull Market

MCStockCharts.com Overview

Welcome To Marty's Team...

This site is for serious investors who want to learn how to successfully navigate the stock market.

My goal is to help you consistently take money out of the stock market by owning monster stocks!

If you have struggled to get ahead on Wall Street, it’s not your fault! 

Trading is simple, but it is not easy! 

I’ve been trading since the 1970’s and have learned a few things about what TO DO and what NOT TO DO on Wall Street.

I love Baseball it has always been a big part of my life.

I think of trading like a baseball team and stocks as players on my team.

We always want the best players in the game at all times.

But, sometimes even the best players go through slumps and they must sit on the bench while other players perform.

We always want the best performing players (stocks) in the game.

For example, NET CRWD SE were some of the star players in 2020. But, they slumped in February 2021 so we benched them and played other players.

But In June 2021 they are performing again and so…as the coach…we insert them back into the game.  That’s what I do for my members – help you find and own the best performing stocks in the market!


  1. Sell at 5% loss
  2. Buy at a proper buy point
    1. Add-on buy at moving averages or tight areas
    2. In new bull market buy leaders 1st trip to 50sma- “gift!”
  3. Do NOT chase stocks
  4. Increase exposure during in uptrend
  5. Decrease exposure during downtrend/chop markets
  6. NEVER average down
  7. Know your expectation before a buy/sell point for loss/gain
  8. Rate your stocks every day/week

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  4. Marty’s IPO List – The top performing stocks that are recent IPOs
  5. Marty’s Watch List – 10 stocks every night to watch for with solid fundamental and technical set-ups. New actionable setups every day!
  6. Get everything you need to succeed on Wall Street.
  7. Marty will give you exact buy/sell points for his favorite stocks.
  8. This is not a “get rich quick” method of creating wealth. It is not a day-trading site.
  9. The style we employ is more swing trading and long-term holding.
  10. If you are looking to make 100% per month this is not the site for you.

    You get decades of knowledge that you can use to build long-lasting wealth over time!

See you on the inside!

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I Love Growth Stocks & A Big "Thank You" To Bill O'Neil

I have owned stocks since the 1970’s when my father bought me Standard Oil of California which was later bought by Chevron (CVX).

It did not move fast enough for me so he bought IBM (which my mom still owns today).

But, IBM did not move fast enough either. So, dad bought Control Data which did move quickly.

It seems I was destined to own/trade growth stocks since my days as a youth.

A Big Thank You To William J. O’Neil!

I want to acknowledge William J. O’Neil who wrote “the book” How To Make Money In Stocks.

Many folks have made great wealth in the stock market over the years. But, he is the one and ONLY person who taught a system for the “regular” person to make money in stocks.

We stand on the shoulders of his greatness as now the market is not just for the elite. 

People of all socio-economic areas can invest and make money too.

I believe that is his greatest achievement. He is a great teacher!

My 4 Pillars Of Finance

  1. EARN-
    It does not matter what you do or how much your earn. But, get to work and earn some cash
  2. SAVE-
    It does not matter how much you make, only how much you save. 
  3. INVEST-
    We must invest our savings as it will be eaten up by inflation sitting in a bank account or under your mattress
    Help others! It does not need to be financially. you can volunteer your time at a place in need. The key is to do something to help.

Decades Of Experience At Your Finger Tips

I use Investor Business Daily’s CANSLIM investment system, which was designed by the legendary investor William O’Neil.

The system he created has helped me develop a great nest egg for my family and now I’m in a position to help other people make money.

There are many methods and strategies to create wealth for ourselves in the stock market.

We need to understand what works best for our situation as each individual is different.

Recently, I decided to retire from a long teaching and administrative career in education, and have been owning/trading stocks full-time.

Now, I want to share what I learned with you!

Monster Stocks

The skills that are required to recognize successful chart patterns have been developed over a long period of time. It has taken quite a bit of experience and education for me to acquire these skills. The price and volume of a stock are the most critical aspects for identifying a successful chart pattern.

We do not want to be selling our stocks when it is providing an opportunity for us to add. Those are the types of details a trained-eye will notice. Chart patterns do repeat as the market is based on human emotions of fear and greed.

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The information, stocks, and charts I share are all general ideas, and NOT specific investment advice.

I have seen the stock market change people’s lives!

It can change yours too. 

Never Give Up!